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April 20 2014

From Zambian Economist Sun Apr 20 2014, 17:47:00

ERB last week released the following press statement :

The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) has increased the pump price of petroleum products by 7.22% for petrol, 8.75% for diesel and 9.54% for kerosene, while wholesale prices have been adjusted by 11.15% with effect from midnight 17th April 2014.

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From Global Voices » Egypt Sun Apr 20 2014, 17:38:59

An Egyptian activist has turned to YouTube to spell out his objection to the mandatory military service in the Egyptian army, compulsory for men aged between 18 and 30. In an email sent to Global Voices Online, Adam writes: I am Egyptian conscientious objector against serving in Egyptian Army because...

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From Top stories – France 24 - International News 24/7 Sun Apr 20 2014, 17:04:37

Political tensions remained palpable on Sunday in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk despite hopes that Easter would calm current tensions. Watch FRANCE 24's video report from Donetsk.

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From ... My heart’s in Accra Sun Apr 20 2014, 16:15:34

This January, a few hundred employees of Alibaba, the m [...]

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From *iHub_ Sun Apr 20 2014, 15:23:47

Three startups incubated at the m:lab, were among six winners in the Kenya's Vision 2030 ICT Innovation awards at Connected Kenya. The three startups are Eneza Education, Ma3Route and Afroes Games. Connected Kenya which was held on 14th - 16th April 2014 at Leisure Lodge and Resort  in Diani, Kwale County aims to establish a platform for collaboration, capacity [...]

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From ThinkProgress Sun Apr 20 2014, 15:12:57

CNN asked marketing experts for their advice how a hate group can improve its image.

The post After Former KKK Leader Shoots Up Jewish Centers, CNN Asks: 'Can The Klan Rebrand?' appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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From Global Public Square Sun Apr 20 2014, 14:40:36

By Dana Sherne A groundbreaking new study, the Social Progress Index, suggests that economic development is "necessary but not sufficient" for social progress and quality of life.The bad news for America? It isn't even close to being number one. Each component of the rankings includes a range of subcategories that reveal a greater diversity than [...]

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From ThinkProgress Sun Apr 20 2014, 12:52:13

More than 3 million people got their smartphones stolen last year, many of which weren't sufficiently protected with as much as a simple passcode to keep the phone's data safe, according to a new survey.

The post More Than 3 Million Smartphones Were Stolen Last Year appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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From Shadow and Act Sun Apr 20 2014, 12:16:07

For a film that clearly thinks it is very profound and way ahead of the curve, Transcendence is surprisingly retrograde. It recycles ideas and concepts from countless sci-fi films such as Donovan's Brain, to Frankenstein, to Colossus: The Forbin Project, to 2001, to Andromeda Strain, to even Her which, of course, was made around the same time as Transcendence. And after all is said and done, the ultimate message you get is that, technology is bad. Ho hum.And it seems that whatever box office fire Johnny Depp used to have is fading fast. Are audiences getting bored with him? Maybe audiences don't like to see him playing a normal guy? Or maybe because most of the time in the film,...

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From ThinkProgress Sun Apr 20 2014, 11:59:39

The spill has led to increased erosion off the Louisiana coast and has destroyed former habitats for nesting birds.

The post Four Years After The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, The Gulf Is Still Suffering appeared first on ThinkProgress.

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