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Kabissa (our name means completely in kiswahili) helps African civil society organizations to put Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to work for the benefit of their communities. We do this by providing an online platform where organizations working in Africa can showcase themselves and connect. Members work in areas from human rights advocacy to health, education and poverty alleviation.

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July 31 2014

From Kabissa blogs Thu Jul 31 2014, 03:51:15

Isha Foundation is an international public-service organization that conducts yoga programs and inspiring projects for the society and environment. Its activities are designed to create an inclusive culture that is the basis for global harmony and progress. Primarily based in India, the United States and Europe, the foundation has been working in Uganda in a small way since 2011.

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July 28 2014

From Kabissa blogs Mon Jul 28 2014, 19:47:54

The French Senate is proposing a new Internet governance Setup under the United Nations, specifically the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Reading through the paper published by the french senate with raporteur Mrs Catherine MORIN-DESAILLY, Senator for the Seine-Maritime with notice the following issues:

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July 18 2014

From Kabissa blogs Fri Jul 18 2014, 23:59:03

A capacity building seminar was organized in Douala-Cameroon on the 18th of July 2014 at hotel Lewat by I-Vision International with the theme: Promoting Net Neutrality through multi stakeholder capacity building and dialogue. Forty two participants were trained on the concept of Net Neutrality including its historical background, how to detect abuse, its importance and impact if it is not mentioned.

This is one in a series of seminars to be organized in a project funded by the Web we Want campaign.

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July 14 2014

From Kabissa blogs Mon Jul 14 2014, 17:02:15

I was recently on a Television discussion program with the head of one the units an educational parastatal known as the EDUCATION MARSHALS on one of my state local television stations. Their job is to get children of school age off the streets into the schools. As the discussions continued, there was this question as to why children were more interested in street trading than they were in going to school. At a point, the host made mention of "education for the stomach" and the panel stayed a while on this issue.

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July 12 2014

From Kabissa blogs Sat Jul 12 2014, 16:17:07

During a session with some National Youth Service members (in Nigeria, it is mandatory for all graduates to serve the nation for one year after graduation), we were talking about the fact that Africa has to develop quickly in order to take her place in the committee of nations globally. The major complaint was that we are too far behind and that the playing field is not level. At that point I asked them how many of them have used the internet to improve on where they left off in school, because I noticed that most of them had smart phones.

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July 10 2014

From Kabissa blogs Thu Jul 10 2014, 17:38:41

In the region where I come from land is a family inheritance that is guarded very jealously, family members will do anything within their power to keep the territorial inheritance. In fact I did not know how serious this was until recently when my family relocated to the village. I hear all kinds of comments about the family land and what they are doing to keep it within the family. This is not to say they cannot sell some portions to others, even non-natives for development but they still save some portions for the family , even for future generations.

However, when the land is not properly taken care of, others will trepass and develop without the permission of the family and before the family realizes, their land is either totally overrun or there are litigations all over the courts.

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From Kabissa blogs Thu Jul 10 2014, 15:03:35

Dimagi and Grameen Foundation are hosting the first ever MOTECH Suite workshop from August 27-29 in Accra, Ghana!


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July 9 2014

From Kabissa blogs Wed Jul 9 2014, 03:33:53

EACO has empowered rural vulnerable people with knowledge and skills in beekeeping, as a way of addressing rural poverty and general health issues and to provide them with a set of basic tools and support to help them get off the poverty trap.

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June 26 2014

From Kabissa blogs Thu Jun 26 2014, 14:37:34

Africa is at the tipping point where we all need to get our acts together and push our limits. As we work with the youths especially, we must make them realize that we can go from an aid recieving continent to an aid giving one. From the reports that are posted by organizations, we know that what is missing is not the ability to develop mentally and technologically that is lacking but it isthe enabling environment to expand our horizon. We must not be so discouraged by the great inventions that have been accomplished by others that we now think there is nothing more to invent.

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