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September 20 2014

From Reluctant Memsahib Sat Sep 20 2014, 04:26:32

  I herd the dogs out at dawn. The puppy tumbles down the verandah steps to pee on a lawn spiked with frost, like a punk's hairdo. The cat comes high stepping across cold grass, mewling in complaint at the chill. The dam breathes steam at the bottom of the valley.  The tea, close cropped [...]

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September 4 2014

From Reluctant Memsahib Thu Sep 4 2014, 08:36:47

Day 1 Ant has come home shivering and shaking. For the fourth time in three weeks. The local hospital has diagnosed malaria so he swallows the cure and goes to bed. I am doubtful of the verdict; no self respecting mosquito would live at this altitude in these temperatures ... I battle most of the [...]

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August 25 2014

From Reluctant Memsahib Mon Aug 25 2014, 04:12:37

Suddenly winter has lifted. A click of fingers and the weather's changed; I drag the curtains back one morning four days ago and the mist has rolled right away to reveal a sky that's clear and blue.   So sudden the change that I gasp to Ant, 'look at that day!' It's still cold at this [...]

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August 23 2014

From Reluctant Memsahib Sat Aug 23 2014, 05:37:39

Sometimes wandering down ethereal shopping aisles doesn't inect the necessary retail therapy hit. Sometimes you've got to get out there and feel the stuff for real.   Hat needs shirts for school. We've trawled intangible shelves at M&S and Mango. But she doesn't find enough of what she needs. Mitumba beckons.   Mitumba literally translates as [...]

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August 17 2014

From Reluctant Memsahib Sun Aug 17 2014, 06:35:39

How do you know if the job is done? Have I cast her well enough to cope, I worry? "I don't know how to use a dishwasher" my eldest daughter Melie says. So long as you can wield a bottle a bottle of Sunlight and a sponge I tell her. And she can. African Style. [...]

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August 5 2014

From Reluctant Memsahib Tue Aug 5 2014, 11:40:29

So we drove 1 000 klm at the weekend to deliver The Boy for his internship. He's at that stage: poised for the real world, teetering, ready to take flight. Less than a year left and he graduates from Uni. He's garnering experience for his CV. Connecting the dots. His sister is closer than that. [...]

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July 31 2014

From Reluctant Memsahib Thu Jul 31 2014, 11:35:39

In the evening I walk.  Often I do in the morning too, wrapped up against a veil of mist that shrouds as the lightest rain leaving my skin dewdamp. But the evenings are prettier.  And warmer. So that I shed layers as I go. The sun has burned a hole through the cloud which sits low [...]

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July 27 2014

From Reluctant Memsahib Sun Jul 27 2014, 04:57:45

I say to Hat, 'this is good shit'. Hat groans, almost inaudibly. We are on a walk , Pili disobediently strays ahead and vanishes into rows of pruned tea, all we can see of her is her yellow tail wagging furiously above the trimmed green, a submarine's periscope, an antenna. And we are collecting shit. [...]

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July 26 2014

From Reluctant Memsahib Sat Jul 26 2014, 04:36:59

If I had logged my life as religiously as I did in the Outpost, would the past 2 1/2 years have been easier? Would they feel less like lost time? As if I were running across marbles, slipping, sliding, losing my footing? Had I been able to capture them tidily in properly punctuated paragraphs, would [...]

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April 8 2014

From Reluctant Memsahib Tue Apr 8 2014, 05:03:02

      Miranda Hart said it in Call The Midwife, 'I have acres and acres of time'. Like me. I know I should be grateful for all the open-ended hours, should use them wisely. But I'm overwhelmed by them; they loom and taunt, 'What are you going to do with us all then, hey, hey, [...]

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