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The occasional thoughts, and travel diary, of a novel writer addicted to Africa. My novels: "Far Horizon", "Zambezi", "African Sky", "Safari", "Silent Predator", "Ivory","The Delta", "African Dawn" and "Dark Heart". My non-fiction: "Part of the Pride - my life among Africa's big cats" By Kevin Richardson and me,"War Dogs" by Shane Bryant and me, "The Grey Man" by John Curtis and me, and "The Lost Battlefield of Kokoda" by Brian Freeman and me.

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April 13 2014

From Sun Apr 13 2014, 22:19:00

A good review is always a shot in the arm, and for me it's even nicer when it comes from a South African newspaper.

Here's a review of The Prey from Cape Town's Atlantic Sun newspaper, and I gather it appeared in other community newspapers throughout the Cape. (Click on the pic to enlarge).

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March 2 2014

From Sun Mar 2 2014, 03:36:00

(Sydney) Daily Telegraph

Best Weekend

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February 7 2014

From Fri Feb 7 2014, 02:33:00

African friends, I know you all have tales of woe of your dealings of bureaucracy in your home countries, but allow me to quickly share with you my struggles to be paid for my forthcoming US publishing deal.

The US internal revenue service (IRS) requires me to get a tax number as an individual, so that I might then register my little company for tax purposes. I had no idea what a hassle this was going to be.

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January 12 2014

From Sun Jan 12 2014, 20:19:00

Thanks everyone who propelled me into the finals of Booktopia's Australia's Favourite Novelist, 2014.

Now is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of the Parky - yes, I need your vote one more time, dear friends.

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January 9 2014

From Thu Jan 9 2014, 04:36:00

In a poll that would put Robert Mugabe to shame, I'm garnering votes to propel me towards being Australia's favourite novelist. If you'd like to help me, vote here!

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January 6 2014

From Mon Jan 6 2014, 21:07:00

My mum paid me what I think is the ultimate non-fiction writer's compliment the other day. She said my latest book 'Bush Vet', by Dr Clay Wilson and me, read like a novel.

Mothers are not known for dishing the dirt on their writer children, and it would be a rare parent or other loved one that said 'this book is crap'. It's not that they don't offer frank assessments - if your nearest and dearest reader says something such as 'Hmm, I'm not so sure about that bit', then you know that's code for 'crap'.

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December 18 2013

From Wed Dec 18 2013, 05:34:00

So, I'm sitting in my Land Rover, driving in the Kruger National Park on my way to Lower Sabie and in the car in front is a family - mum, dad and two kids.

On the back of the car is Blue Bulls sticker - that's the Joburg/Pretoria rugby team. We've all stopped to look at some elephants and the kids in front are clearly having a ball. Just another day in the park, right?

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November 26 2013

From Tue Nov 26 2013, 10:12:00

And now a quick word from our sponsor... me.

In case you're wondering where I am and what I've been up to, I'm all at sea. Literally. Mrs Blog and I have been taking a three week cruise on board the delightful MSC Sinfonia, from Genoa, Italy, to Cape Town, South Africa.

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October 19 2013

From Sat Oct 19 2013, 06:42:00

I'll be speaking at a number of events in Australia and South Africa to promote the release of my 10th novel, 'The Prey' . Please come and say hi!

Note: Please double check all times and bookings with the venue/library listed as I've been known to get these wrong in the past!

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August 8 2013

From Thu Aug 8 2013, 05:09:00

Now that I've got a couple of books out of the way (I'm releasing three this year and working on a new on for next year), I'm back to doing a spot of blogging.

Here's my latest missive, which is currently running African Geographic's online Safari Interactive magazine here.

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