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April 7 2014

From White African Mon Apr 7 2014, 08:51:00

There's quite a good read up on the Tech Coctail site titled, "What (US) VC's Are Missing in a Rising World of Smartphones". It's a little about smartphones, though the underlying discussion points are really about how blind the investors in the West are to the Middle East, Africa, and Asia due to their preconditioning [...]

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April 4 2014

From White African Fri Apr 4 2014, 01:52:57

I'm lucky enough to have friends like Toby Shapshak who, being the Publisher and Editor of Stuff Magazine, ends up having tons of people give him cool tech to write about. Every once in a while he dumps some stuff on me, things that I normally wouldn't have bought, but am grateful for later. Toby [...]

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March 28 2014

From White African Fri Mar 28 2014, 05:13:09

Life keeps reminding me that there are two pockets that money comes from; emotion/charity and analytical/business. It seems obvious, and it is, but even with all of my experience raising grant funds for Ushahidi, creating partnerships with the iHub, getting investors for Savannah Fund and raising a seed round for BRCK, I sometimes get a [...]

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January 27 2014

From White African Mon Jan 27 2014, 12:50:28

(Note: cathartic, bloated essay forthcoming, read at your peril) Say you are a Kenyan web designer living in Seattle, do you think anyone cares that you came from Kenya? No, they only care that you are a great web designer. If you're an American programmer working in Nairobi, does anyone care that you come from [...]

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November 29 2013

From White African Fri Nov 29 2013, 12:26:13

If you look for images of Africa online you'll find an overabundance of wildlife or urban poverty. And, while these are part of our narrative, the vast quantity of these pictures would lead you to believe that this is the main story. Maybe it is for people who don't live here, but why are we [...]

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November 24 2013

From White African Sun Nov 24 2013, 06:13:32

One in three people around the world are connected to the internet. This is not enough. In a world of 7 billion people, 4.2 billion still can't access the internet. 3.8 billion of whom live in emerging markets, specifically Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Market research in this space is fascinating, because as we [...]

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November 9 2013

From White African Sat Nov 9 2013, 10:54:43

Today finds me in Nanyuki, Kenya at WordCamp Kenya 2013. The past couple years, I've been traveling during the event, but this year I get to come hang out with my blogging brothers and sisters. As I was thinking about what to talk about, I thought I'd cover four areas: Why we blog My rules [...]

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November 7 2013

From White African Thu Nov 7 2013, 08:49:39

"Because the falam is flooded, you can drive back through South Horr, then to Baragoi then to Maralal, alafu utafika Kenya (then you'll be in Kenya)" Said a Samburu man to us in Northern Kenya. There and Back from BRCK on Vimeo. It seems that Northern Kenya likes me so much that it doesn't want [...]

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October 30 2013

From White African Wed Oct 30 2013, 18:07:08

It's been a few years since I was last up in the northern reaches of Kenya, and what an adventure that was! (blog posts 1, 2, 3 and 4) This week finds me heading back, chasing the moon that will cover the sun. November 3rd at 5:30pm (East Africa Time) there is a hybrid solar [...]

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October 29 2013

From White African Tue Oct 29 2013, 01:17:26

A few weeks ago the #Kenya365 final instameet happened, we had finished the full year of Kenyan instagramming and it was a chance to get everyone together. Mutua Matheka suggested we go to the Kenya Railways Museum, a place I hadn't been since I was in school. I took my daughters with me, and we [...]

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