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March 17 2014

From Enough blogs Mon Mar 17 2014, 16:35:03

Since the defeat of the M23 in eastern Congo, around 8,000 combatants of other rebel groups surrendered to the Congolese army. The surrenders are a very positive development, but the Congolese government together with international partners are slow to put in place a robust disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration program (DDR). They risk losing a great opportunity for peace.

Following an Enough Project report on DDR last week, a group of NGOs working in Congo sent a letter to the World Bank, expressing concern about the lack of progress and development of the DDR plan know as "DDR III." The other NGO signatories to the letter include International Alert, Tearfund, Norwegian Refugee Council, Christian Aid, World Vision, Care, the International Rescue Committee, and ZoA International.

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March 14 2014

From Enough blogs Fri Mar 14 2014, 15:55:35

Here at Enough, we often swap emails with interesting articles and feature stories that we come across in our favorite publications and on our favorite websites. We wanted to share some of these stories with you as part of our effort to keep you up to date on what you need to know in the world of anti-genocide and crimes against humanity work.

18 members of the main rebel group fighting Sudan's president Omar Hassan al-Bashir were sentenced to death in a Sudan court Thursday. Malik Agar, former governor of Sudan's southern Blue Nile state, and Yassir Aman, the secretary general, of the Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N), and 16 others were sentenced for murder and staging a war against the state. The conviction of the SPLM-N leaders comes weeks after the African Union ...

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From Enough blogs Fri Mar 14 2014, 13:47:49

On Wednesday, the Enough Project and tech company Intel co-hosted a forward-looking panel on Responsible Sourcing and Investing in the Congo and the Great Lakes Region, attended by more than 90 policymakers, business leaders, and advocates. The panel was an opportunity for the private sector, NGOs, the United Nations, and African and partner governments to discuss how to move forward in building a responsible minerals trade and positive investment in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Great Lakes region. This dialogue, however, was only the beginning of the conversation. Much more must happen to foster dialogue among investors, Congo, the Great Lakes region, and the U.S. and U.N. Special Envoys on the concrete reforms needed to move responsible investment forward and link ...

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From Enough blogs Fri Mar 14 2014, 09:00:00

In recent weeks, inter-communal violence has engulfed Sudan's disputed Abyei region. Escalating tensions between Abyei's Ngok Dinka community and the nomadic Misseriya group, which are fueled by the area's unresolved status, have been exacerbated by the internal conflict in South Sudan, which has caused some to fear that Abyei has fallen from the South Sudanese political agenda. A new policy alert by the Enough Project warns of the potentially devastating consequences of this dichotomy of escalating conflict and limited attention by external actors. If a concerted commitment to resolving Abyei's final status is not undertaken by the two governments and the international community, these clashes between Abyei's communities may spiral into a regionalized war.

Abyei is home to the Ngok Dinka ...

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March 13 2014

From Enough blogs Thu Mar 13 2014, 17:32:34

Editor's Note: This op-ed authored by John Prendergast originally appeared in Foreign Affairs.

As a new wave of violent conflicts has ravaged Africa, borders and conventional peace processes have done little to contain them. A cold war between Ethiopia and Eritrea has spilled over into Somalia, where Eritrea has supported the jihadist group al Shabaab in its fight against the Ethiopian-backed government in Mogadishu. Meanwhile, the group has helped fuel the illegal ivory trade and launched terrorist attacks in neighboring Kenya, one of which killed 67 people in a Nairobi mall last fall. Sudan and South Sudan have supported insurgencies in each other's backyards, and Sudanese Janjaweed militias have fought in eastern Chad and the Central African Republic (CAR). The Lord's Resistance Army, a ...

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From Enough blogs Thu Mar 13 2014, 16:06:35

This post was written by guest blogger and Enough Project intern Emily Brandon.

In recent weeks, South Sudanese civil society organizations have taken a public stand demanding more action against the atrocities being committed in their country. Although the AU Peace and Security Council (AUPSC) called for the creation of an AU-led Commission of Inquiry in December 2013, the appointment of members was stalled until the first week of March 2014.

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From Enough blogs Thu Mar 13 2014, 15:37:14

Sudanese police forces fired tear gas at over 1,000 mourners at the funeral procession on Wednesday, March 13, of a Junior University of Khartoum Economics major student who was killed by government forces on Tuesday, March 12. Ali Abakar Musa's death heralded a new bout of protests marked by the new shoot-to-kill policies utilized by government forces to quell protests on the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Sudan and the renewed crisis in Darfur. Protesters marched in fury chanting slogans that ranged from "the killing of a student, the killing of a nation" and for the "downfall of the regime" while avenging the death of a student and calling for a new revolution against Bashir's ruling regime.

Musa was killed by security forces on Tuesday afternoon in a clash between police ...

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From Enough blogs Thu Mar 13 2014, 12:53:41

Last November, Enough field researcher Timo Mueller and the two of us traveled in eastern Congo with the Public Private Alliance for Responsible Minerals Trade, or PPA. Motorola Solutions, AVX, USAID, the US State Department, Global Advanced Metals, KPMG, Resolve, Phuzumoya Consulting, Geotraceability, the filmmaker Paul Freedman, IOM, MHI, and others. One of the highlights of the trip was traveling to a mine in Rubaya in Masisi, North Kivu. We helped analyze whether the mine could indeed be the next conflict-free mining project in eastern Congo, and then helped negotiate with the local government to move it forward.

Today, the main companies involved in the project -- Motorola Solutions, AVX, and MHI -- have made that a reality. They have again disproven the idea that companies cannot ...

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March 12 2014

From Enough blogs Wed Mar 12 2014, 15:52:18

Earlier this week, Dr. Mohamed Elgadi, an American citizen and Sudanese refugee, sent a passionate letter to President Obama describing his experience as a victim of torture in Sudan. Dr. Elgadi was one of many dissidents held in "ghost houses" by the Sudanese government, led by International Criminal Court indictee Omar al Bashir. In his letter, Elgadi recalls being mocked by his captors who told him "The President gave us free reign because you no longer exist."

Elgadi's letter comes just as the Sudanese government is engaging in a repressive crackdown on Darfuri students and activists in Khartoum. On March 11, state security forces ambushed a peaceful meeting of Darfuri students who were seeking to raise the profile of escalating violence in Darfur. Disturbingly, state security forces ...

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