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May 3 2013

From Enough blogs Fri May 3 2013, 17:18:28

Here at Enough, we often swap emails with interesting articles and feature stories that we come across in our favorite publications and on our favorite websites. We wanted to share some of these stories with you as part of our effort to keep you up to date on what you need to know in the world of anti-genocide and crimes against humanity work.

In "The Child Soldier Who traded His Machete For a Pair of Scissors," Claude Mugisha, a former child soldier, explains how he exchanged his AK-47 to become a barber. Mugisha fought in a local Congolese militia and lived in the bush for 10 years until he attended a U.N.-run rehabilitation and repatriation program. Claude reflects on his experience and says, "People think former child soldiers are somehow damaged and deranged and often avoid us. It's ...

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From Enough blogs Fri May 3 2013, 14:05:31

The conflict-free movement is gaining momentum worldwide, with the newest development happening in Canada. In March 2013, New Democrat Foreign Affairs Critic Paul Dewar introduced a comprehensive conflict-free mineral bill to the Canadian Parliament. Bill C-486 requires companies to regularly report how they obtain their supply of minerals such as gold, tin, tungsten, and tantalum from Central Africa, particularly Congo.

"The conflict minerals that end up in many products like cell phones and game consoles are responsible for funding and fuelling a war that has killed more than 5 million people in the Congo," Dewar stated after introducing the bill. "I was in the Congo four years ago at Easter. I know that the Congo seems as far away from Canada as you can be, but we have the power here ...

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May 2 2013

From Enough blogs Thu May 2 2013, 11:47:17

This op-ed was co-authored with Rep. Barbara Lee and originally appeared on the Huffington Post.

As we gather to mark April as Genocide Awareness month, to recognize atrocities across the world and throughout history, it's important not just to recognize the past, but to learn from it.

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April 29 2013

From Enough blogs Mon Apr 29 2013, 15:19:29

Rumors circulated last week that the M23 rebel group reportedly signed an agreement with eleven other armed groups on April 21, 2013. The groups are said to include FAP-Nyatura, FDC, FPC-AP, FPD, Mai-Mai Cheka, MPA, M26, PARECO Lafontaine, PRM, URDC, and Vutura. They allegedly agreed on mutual defense - an armed attack against any one of them would be considered an attack against them all - in response to an attack by the forthcoming United Nations Foreign Intervention Brigade, or FIB.

Whether or not these rumors are true, one thing is clear: the Kivus will witness a renewed militarization and, if not carefully handled on all sides, potential resulting violence and unrest will negatively impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians.

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Congo-Kinshasa:   Locals Refuse to Protest for M23 Rebels (news)
Inter Press Service
24 April 2013

When M23 rebels tried twice to arrange a protest march against a United Nations resolution to deploy an intervention brigade with an offensive mandate to eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, they had ... [read more]

From Enough blogs Mon Apr 29 2013, 11:57:06

On Friday, April 26, The Resolve LRA Crisis Initiative released a report "Hidden in Plain Sight," documenting the renewal of Sudan's support to the Lord's Resistance Army, or LRA, from 2009 until February 2013.

The report, co-produced by The Resolve, the Enough Project, and Invisible Children, reveals that Sudan is harboring the LRA in the Kafia Kingi area that straddles the disputed Sudan-South Sudan border. on the report is based on interviews conducted with former LRA members, civil society leaders in LRA-affected areas, as well as with representatives from the United Nations, the African Union, and governments and military forces in the region.

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April 27 2013

From Enough blogs Sat Apr 27 2013, 00:00:00

Here at Enough, we often swap emails with interesting articles and feature stories that we come across in our favorite publications and on our favorite websites. We wanted to share some of these stories with you as part of our effort to keep you up to date on what you need to know in the world of anti-genocide and crimes against humanity work.

There Is a Country, a new book now available for pre-order at the McSweeney's store, is a collection of eight stories by South Sudanese authors. This is the first collection of stories from the new country. "In vivid, gripping prose, There Is a Country's stories explore youth and love, life and death: a first glimpse of what South Sudanese literature has to offer."

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April 26 2013

From Enough blogs Fri Apr 26 2013, 14:32:25

This op-ed originally appeared on Politico.

I learned about the conflict in Congo because Javier Bardem was under the weather. Javier was supposed to join John Prendergast, co-founder of the Enough Project, at a screening of "The Greatest Silence," a film showcasing the use of rape as a weapon of war by militias in Congo, but he was too sick to attend. I was the last-minute replacement.

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From Enough blogs Fri Apr 26 2013, 13:39:39

Editor's Note: This op-ed, co-written by Timo Mueller and Christoph Vogel, a Mercator Fellow on International Affairs based in eastern Congo​, originally appeared on RealClearWorld.

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon in early April when we called "Brigadier General" Sultani Makenga, the military leader of M23, currently one of the strongest armed groups in eastern Congo. Working as field researchers in the Kivus, we wanted to engage with him face-to-face to capture his take on the DR Congo's state of affairs and learn first-hand about the latest developments inside the rebellion. M23 was consumed by heavy infighting in recent weeks, after latent fractions and fissures between Makenga and his rival Bosco Ntaganda erupted into open and violent conflict. In the ensuing whirlwind of events, ...

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From Enough blogs Fri Apr 26 2013, 13:16:35

Enough Project Policy Alerts provide a reaction and set of recommnendations to a significant development designed for policymakers, advocates, and other influential people participating in the policy making process.

After months of deliberations in Kampala, Uganda, the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the M23 rebel group are moving closer toward a deal that would provide amnesty and reintegration for all rebels, no matter the abuses they committed. Under the command of Sultani Makenga, the M23 is implicated by the United Nations in committing serious human-rights violations, including killing, maiming, sexual violence, abduction, and forced displacement.

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April 25 2013

From Enough blogs Thu Apr 25 2013, 15:56:44

Not only do universities educate students on issues of social justice, but they also serve as venues for students to organize around these issues and generate substantive change in society. Today, student leaders at Brown, Dartmouth, and Yale are seizing their opportunity to stimulate change by releasing a joint statement calling for responsible investment policies in relation to conflict minerals sourced from eastern Congo. Brown, Dartmouth, and Yale all participate in the Conflict-Free Campus Initiative, or CFCI, a network of more than 150 campuses worldwide, in this rising call for action.

Congo is home to the deadliest conflict since World War II, and is considered the most dangerous place in the world to be a woman due to incredibly high rates of sexual violence and the use of rape as ...

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