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September 25 2014

From Emergent Africa Thu Sep 25 2014, 08:03:00

A series of photos on scarification from Joana Choumali:

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From Emergent Africa Thu Sep 25 2014, 07:53:00

In music:

Radio Mukambo 175 - Lusotronics by Radiomukamboeng on Mixcloud

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From Emergent Africa Thu Sep 25 2014, 07:45:00

Festivals are ephemeral, catalytic cultural centers of production, their importance in fostering creative industries, usually unrecognized.Countries like Morocco however place great importance on the role they play. AfroCyberPunk reports on the recently concluded Chale Wote Street Art Festival:

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September 21 2014

From Emergent Africa Sun Sep 21 2014, 19:58:00

Christian Coseru writing in New APPS:

One may be forgiven for thinking, on reading Brian Leiter's diatribe against identity politics and the danger it poses for academic philosophy, that there is a swell in 'consumer demand' for expanding the philosophy curriculum in questionable directions and for the wrong reasons. To clarify: the 'consumer' in this case is graduate students dissatisfied with the lack on engagement on the part of Anglo-American philosophers with non-Western philosophical traditions. Or so the story goes.

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September 20 2014

From Emergent Africa Sat Sep 20 2014, 08:02:00

Jen Wilton writing in Roar:

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From Emergent Africa Sat Sep 20 2014, 07:51:00

In Chimurenga:

Who needs the God of the bible with his promises of trials and tribulations, crosses and paths of repentance? Yemisi Ogbe listens to the sermons, counts the money, watches the high-flying life of Nigeria's mega-preachers and wonders.

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September 19 2014

From Emergent Africa Fri Sep 19 2014, 14:22:00

We often overlook the role played by the artisanal/maker clusters across Africa.Is there something to learn from the work of MacArthur prizewinner Pamela O. Long? Her:

...prize-winning book, Openness, Secrecy, Authorship: Technical Arts and the Culture of Knowledge from Antiquity to the Renaissance (2001), presents groundbreaking analysis of the co-evolution of artisans as writers and technological openness as an ideal in scientific inquiry. Long illustrates the complex relationship between authorship and the ownership of intellectual property; the act of authorship simultaneously makes information public--at least to those with access to the text--and asserts the author's ownership of that information. Her second sole-authored book, Artisan/Practitioners and the Rise of the New ...

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From Emergent Africa Fri Sep 19 2014, 11:10:00

On the Whiteboard Juliette LaMontagne writes:

It's an unfortunate reality that universities are divided by academic department, teachers are licensed by content area, and interdisciplinary collaboration is the exception not the rule. This is generally accepted as the norm despite ample evidence that innovation is driven by diverse inputs and combinatorial creativity.

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September 18 2014

From Emergent Africa Thu Sep 18 2014, 06:25:00

Nanette Byrnes writing in Tech Review:

The hubs of advanced manufacturing will be the economic drivers of the future because innovation increasingly depends on production expertise.To understand why manufacturing matters, we must lose some misconceptions. First, manufacturing no longer derives its importance primarily from employing large numbers of people. As software drives more of the manufacturing process, and automated machines and robots execute much of it, factories don't need as many workers.

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From Emergent Africa Thu Sep 18 2014, 06:05:00

In Smartmonkey TV, Russel Southwood writes:

Africa's Creative Cities - Putting creativity and innovation together to change the city itselfAs a regular visitor to tech hubs across the continent, I can't help being struck by the intense energy going into innovation and the often threadbare nature of the African cities it takes place in. Take the tech innovation district in Lagos, Yaba. It's a snarling mess of traffic and decaying buildings.

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