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Inspired by George Ayittey's book 'Africa Unchained'.

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September 18 2014

From Emergent Africa Thu Sep 18 2014, 06:05:00

In Smartmonkey TV, Russel Southwood writes:

Africa's Creative Cities - Putting creativity and innovation together to change the city itselfAs a regular visitor to tech hubs across the continent, I can't help being struck by the intense energy going into innovation and the often threadbare nature of the African cities it takes place in. Take the tech innovation district in Lagos, Yaba. It's a snarling mess of traffic and decaying buildings.

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From Emergent Africa Thu Sep 18 2014, 05:50:00

A Stocktown Films project:

Afripedia is a new five-part documentary series reshaping the image of Africa offering compelling, intimate stories, told by African visionary artists who are pushing the boundaries of creative self-expressions.

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September 17 2014

From Emergent Africa Wed Sep 17 2014, 06:50:00

Winner of a 2014 Macarthur fellowship:

Rick Lowe is an artist whose unconventional approach to community revitalization has transformed a long-neglected neighborhood in Houston into a visionary public art project that continues to evolve, two decades since its inception. Originally trained as a painter, Lowe shifted the focus of his artistic practice in the early 1990s in order to address more directly the pressing social, economic, and cultural needs of his community. With a group of fellow artists, he organized the purchase and restoration of a block and a half of derelict properties--twenty-two shotgun houses from the 1930s--in Houston's predominantly African American Third Ward and turned them into Project Row Houses (PRH), an unusual amalgam of arts venue and community support ...

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September 15 2014

From Emergent Africa Mon Sep 15 2014, 22:50:00

Edgar Pieterse asks:

Edgar Pieterse, professor at the University of Cape Town and the founding director of the African Centre for Cities, in this lecture puts forward the concept of the underlying logics of slum urbanism. A logic which in turn manifests in an overall urban form that can be characterised as 'extreme splintered urbanism'--a pattern of urban development that manifests in sharp urban divides, the privatisation of key urban services and infrastructure linked to large-scale slum neglect over long periods of time. H/T @designlemon

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From Emergent Africa Mon Sep 15 2014, 22:05:00

Nate Beard writing in the Unreasonable Insitute, founded by Maalik Fahd Kayondo

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From Emergent Africa Mon Sep 15 2014, 14:11:00

From Africa is a Country:

Every now and then, its seems as if there is nothing new out there. Everything seems derivative, repetitive or just plain bland. As a filmmaker, I sometimes go through moments of extreme lack of inspiration; and even question my choice of career. And then an unexpected spark happens to light the way. Beats of the Antonov, a new documentary from Sudanese filmmaker Hajooj Kuka, is such a spark. The film premiered last week at Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), and is by Kuka's account possibly the first film by a Sudanese filmmaker to screen there. I wasn't surprised when last night the film won the People's Choice Documentary Award at the TIFF.More here

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September 14 2014

From Emergent Africa Sun Sep 14 2014, 22:16:00

From Massalijn:

Most large-funded NGOs are financed and patronized by aid and development agencies, which are, in turn, funded by Western governments, the World Bank, the UN and some multinational corporations. Though they may not be the very same agencies, they are certainly part of the same loose, political formation that oversees the neoliberal project and demands the slash in government spending in the first place.

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From Emergent Africa Sun Sep 14 2014, 21:58:00

From the p2p foundation:

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From Emergent Africa Sun Sep 14 2014, 21:52:00

Steve Marotta writing in Artisan Economy Initiative:

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From Emergent Africa Sun Sep 14 2014, 01:45:00

Pat Utomi writes:

The failure, so far, to achieve the promise of Nigeria, the fractured and fragmented nature of Nigerian society and polity; and the leadership lacuna in Africa as a result of Nigeria's declining strategy value, has been blamed on many things. Not often cited, yet determinedly central to all of this is civil society. How and why did Nigerian civil society, once so vibrant, go into snooze control while others swung to cruise control?

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