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September 19 2014

From ::Colored Opinions:: Fri Sep 19 2014, 18:27:00

Senate candidate Ben Sasse from Nebraska said in an interview:

"What motivates me first is the identity we have as Americans, and we have to celebrate the Constitution, and we have to be having these discussions. And if we don't have more people who run for office for the purposes of having that civic conversation, we will lose the republic. I don't think that's going to happen, because I think people are going to demand more serious leadership that talks about these issues. The next generation does not wake up in the morning understanding American exceptionalism and the fact that natural rights predate government, and government is just a tool to secure those rights. And we've got to teach it."The identity we have as Americans? Understanding American exceptionalism? Natural rights ...

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August 18 2014

July 20 2014

From ::Colored Opinions:: Sun Jul 20 2014, 17:17:00

Both William Jay and Benjamin Parham Aydelott were leading opponents of the high Church movement in the episcopal Church. At the same time they were both leaders in the abolitionist movement. An Aydelott quote, referencing the apostle Paul, that makes the connection:

'a spirit which, recognising.. the great attributes of a common human nature, refuses to bow down in abject servility to any'

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July 8 2014

From ::Colored Opinions:: Tue Jul 8 2014, 00:54:00

Antonia Juhasz, author of The Bush Agenda and The Tyranny of Oil

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June 23 2014

From ::Colored Opinions:: Mon Jun 23 2014, 14:58:00

Sofar the implications of Rand Paul's words at a Republican convention in Iowa for the ongoing debate concerning immigration reform, his outreach to evangelicals and his effort to repair his Southern racist/ civil rights act 'problem' have been overlooked. Most commentators focus on the effort to reach out to minorities. And that is part of it.

 But these words also draw a sharp contrast with the tea party rhetoric against illegal immigrants 'breaking the law'. He makes clear he isn't part of the 'novationist' faction inside the republican party that thinks illegal immigrants that 'broke the law' should not have a second chance. Novatianists were early Christians following Antipope Novatian, refused readmission to communion of those ...

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June 15 2014

From ::Colored Opinions:: Sun Jun 15 2014, 13:49:00

Lambert Mende on the Congolese family of surrendering FDRL rebels:

"Some of them are genociders really, but others are not because I visited the camp the MONUSCO set up in Kanyabayonga, 200 kilometers from Goma, and I witnessed that a majority of them are less than 20 years. These young men of 15 years, 16, 17 you can't call them genociders ... there is a lot of Congolese women who are linked with them, fiancé or wives and we have to take care of these compatriots." Lambert Mende on the nonsense pushed by Congolese opposition and civil society concerning this process:

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From ::Colored Opinions:: Sun Jun 15 2014, 00:08:00

Le succes du désarmement du FDLR dépend des assurance du gouvernement de leur sécurité après leur reddition. Meme les théoriciens conspirationalistes les plus tetus devraient le reconnaitre. Si le gouvernement ne peut pas garantir leur sécurité après cette reddition qu'est-ce-qu'il leur poussera a rendre leur armes.

Hier la dite 'société civile' en equateur s'est ajouté à cette cacophonie:

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June 13 2014

From ::Colored Opinions:: Fri Jun 13 2014, 09:26:00

Yesterday Martin Kobler called for 'restoration of calm on the border between the DRC and Rwanda'. In reaction to the @Monusco tweet Sheikh Habimana Saleh, 'head of political parties, nongovernmental organizations, and faith-based organizations for the Rwanda Governance Board', tweeted:

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June 11 2014

From ::Colored Opinions:: Wed Jun 11 2014, 02:57:00

In today's aljazeera's blogpost on the ongoing FDLR surrender process Catherine Wambua-Soi writes:

'I asked their executive secretary Colonel Wilson Irategeka why so few fighters came. He said it was a process and more would leave the forest soon.'Sunday's FDLR press release, visible online at least yesterday morning, makes clear it's leadership is closely following the debate on their relocalization among politicians from different parties and régions and 'civil society' in the DRC:

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June 9 2014

From ::Colored Opinions:: Mon Jun 9 2014, 10:56:00

As neither a conservative nor a progressive (or neoconservative, whatever that may be) I still think it's pretty unhealthy when folks outside of electoral politics form a network, any network, in an attempt to take over US foreign Policy. Read this piece in the National Journal and chiver.

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