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April 15 2014

From empty sky Tue Apr 15 2014, 09:46:00

This video from Oxfam shows quite clearly the problems that have resulted from the decision of the Lesotho government to outsource the management of their hospital to Netcare.

There are many people who will probably try and dispute this. There are those who will claim that the success of the hospital has created this problem and it was impossible to foresee that more patients would need to be treated than the "ceiling" agreed to (although this would require ignoring all sorts of logical projections, etc.).

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March 31 2014

From empty sky Mon Mar 31 2014, 00:33:00

Interesting infograhic from Afrographique showing the proportion of mobile users who regularly make and receive payments on their phones. East Africa way out in front again.

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March 25 2014

From empty sky Tue Mar 25 2014, 02:42:00

Great piece from Daily Maverick on the bizarre moves by Mozambique's parliament - including quite a lot of women.

Worth a read here.

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March 24 2014

From empty sky Mon Mar 24 2014, 05:33:00

It's never a good thing when African (or any other) governments start randomly banning things on security grounds. Burundi's latest move should definitely ring alarm bells - they've banned people from jogging in groups in Bujumbura because "opposition parties are using them as an excuse to organise "uprisings", Bujumbura's mayoral spokesperson said on Thursday". A group, for the record, refers to two or more people.

Burundi has been growing restive and the UN has called for "restraint and dialogue" ahead of presidential elections in 2015. The country has also been dragged into the escalating diplomatic drama between South Africa and Rwanda - one of Burundi's diplomats joined the three Rwandans who were expelled from South Africa recently for planning to assassinate Rwandan opposition ...

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March 22 2014

From empty sky Sat Mar 22 2014, 04:41:00

Former presidents of Mozambique, South Africa and Botswana are mediating on behalf of SADC in the on-going border dispute between Tanzania and Malawi over ownership of Lake Malawi/Nyasa (although I imagine Mbeki is spending less time there as he's also responsible for trying to sort out the Sudan/South Sudan border and possible do something with the CAR). Former Mozambican President Chissano hosted a meeting in Moz on Thursday to try and move the two countries towards an agreement. Malawi claims the whole of the northern part of the lake falls within it's borders, as per a colonial era agreement, while Tanzania claims that modern practice of splitting a border body of water should hold force. It should be mentioned that the southern part of the lake is divided according to said modern ...

Malawi seems unwilling to budge, with the Malawian delegation leader, Malawi Foreign Minister claiming tha ...

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Mozambique:   Chissano Mediates in Lake Niassa Dispute (news)
Agencia de Informacao de Mocambique
21 March 2014

Delegations from the Malawian and Tanzanian governments met in Maputo on Thursday to discuss their border dispute, in the presence of a mediation team headed by former Mozambican President Joaquim ... [read more]

March 2 2014

From empty sky Sun Mar 2 2014, 23:14:00

Zambia has committed to reviewing the new NGO laws they've just passed in response to NGO complaints. The review is unlikely to change the fact that the Zambian government, like many other developing world governments, particularly in East and Southern Africa, is increasingly determined to regulate and to some extent control the NGO sector.

This affects two groups directly. Local NGOs being controlled by government creates questions around the ability of civil society to play a critical and watch-dog role. But what about INGOs? There has been plenty of discussion about the changing role and projectory of INGOs based on many factors. To what extent, I wonder, have INGOs begun to pay attention to the shrinking space specifically for their work in these countries? Whatever the rhetoric, it's ...

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February 28 2014

From empty sky Fri Feb 28 2014, 01:28:00

This is not good. AIM is reporting that 2000 civilians have crossed the border into Malawi because Renamo gunmen are operating in the Tete Province. It's unclear whether there have been any attacks or whether people are fleeing because they remember how bad it was during the civil war. Also unclear what government reaction will be.

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February 11 2014

From empty sky Tue Feb 11 2014, 07:03:00

I'm just going to leave these here, side-by-side, and see if anyone else feels that same niggling uneasiness with the way some media outlets are slanting this story:


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February 4 2014

From empty sky Tue Feb 4 2014, 06:41:00

I had cheese in the eastern DRC. It was surprising and delicious. So, here is a BBC story about Congolese cheesemakers.

On the other hand, here is another BBC story about how Korea's national food is spreading around the world. kimchi is fermented cabbage. It is an acquired taste but Koreans love it. I'm not sure how the government is going to boost domestic consumption (as the article argues) given how much kimchi Koreans already eat. It's also, once you get used to it, a little addictive - those who leave Korea often crave it for months and months after they return to kimchi-free countries.

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January 8 2014

From empty sky Wed Jan 8 2014, 07:08:00

Zimbabwe is having another bad year. Since October, FAO and other groups have been working to facilitate the provision of food aid to the country. On Tuesday the government confirmed that the first 700 tons of 150 000 tons of maize due to be imported from South Africa had been received. Another 150 000 is expected to be imported from Zambia. This as about 13 million people will need food assistance between now and March.

That's a lot of maize and a lot of hungry people and raises some questions about recent assertions (and books) that the violent land redistribution programme in the country hasn't actually had as detrimental an effect as was generally assumed...

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