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September 9 2014

From Thoughts from Botswana by Lauri Kubuitsile Tue Sep 9 2014, 05:53:00

Everything was set for me to take off for Nairobi next week to attend the Storymoja Festival, but then the air ticket had a problem that couldn't be sorted. So- sadly- I am no longer attending. I was looking forward to it, especially the master class on writing for teens and the panel discussion on romance writing- but oh well, things happen.

Coincidentally, on the same day I learn I won't be attending a literary festival, my piece I wrote many months ago on litfests goes up on Kalahari Review: The Best of Times- The Worst of Times. Here's a bit of it:

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September 3 2014

From Thoughts from Botswana by Lauri Kubuitsile Wed Sep 3 2014, 12:52:00

We started our trip at Kuruman and our first stop was the Wonderwerk Cave just outside of the town. It is the oldest site in the world that shows evidence of controlled use of fire. This is the entrance to the cave.

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September 1 2014

From Thoughts from Botswana by Lauri Kubuitsile Mon Sep 1 2014, 12:05:00

 If you're going to be in Nairobi during the Storymoja Festival, don't miss the masterclass on writing fiction for teens I'll be co-teaching with Monity Odera.

 With sales up 24 percent, the fastest-growing market for publishers are young adult books." - CBS Evening News 8 December 2013

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August 18 2014

From Thoughts from Botswana by Lauri Kubuitsile Mon Aug 18 2014, 12:07:00

By the time you read this, we'll be gone. We're getting in the car and heading south. Hopefully when I come back I'll have lots and lots of beautiful photos to show you what we've seen.

So here's where we're going!

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August 13 2014

From Thoughts from Botswana by Lauri Kubuitsile Wed Aug 13 2014, 12:05:00

I really cannot believe that today is the 13th of August. I've had a crazy mad few weeks. It all started on 12 July with a stomach ache. I went to our lovely new Mahalapye Government Hospital and was told I had gallstones and would need to see a surgeon. Sadly, they have no surgeon at the moment and I would have to book at another government hospital. They searched around and the closest appointment they could give me was next year March. Not good.

Now I was stuck. I despise the entire concept of private healthcare, but I was sick and not getting better so I was forced to go to the private hospital in Gaborone, paying cash which was very painful, almost more painful than the actual surgery. I had my gallbladder out last Wednesday.

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August 4 2014

From Thoughts from Botswana by Lauri Kubuitsile Mon Aug 4 2014, 07:21:00

I have a new story up at FunDza, it started last Friday and will finish on Thursday. Lily's No Man Policy is a fun romance.

Lily is a full time architecture student and works part time at Go Monate Takeaway. She has no space for a man in her life. But then along comes Xavier and she decides it's time to throw away her 'No Man Policy' - but is she willing to lose everything for a man?

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July 29 2014

From Thoughts from Botswana by Lauri Kubuitsile Tue Jul 29 2014, 10:28:00

All writers know this scenario.

Random Person: So what do you do?

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July 25 2014

From Thoughts from Botswana by Lauri Kubuitsile Fri Jul 25 2014, 10:53:00

I remember when our daughter was at senior school, we went for parents' day to collect her report and the English teacher was concerned. He sat us down and told us that our daughter was struggling because (wait for it...) - she thought too much. I was gobsmacked. For him, she needed to chill with the brain cells if she ever had a chance of passing. I think now, if I had to do the raising of kids all over again, I'd home school my children. The mental boxing that takes place on a daily basis in our schools is nearly criminal. I don't think I could allow it now, now that I know better.

     Why do I say that? Because from day one our educational system does everything it can to stop a child from being creative. From standard one the process begins, the process of panel ...

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June 24 2014

From Thoughts from Botswana by Lauri Kubuitsile Tue Jun 24 2014, 06:57:00

June is the month to celebrate short stories in Africa, Short Story day Africa is 21 June, the shortest day of the year.  Short Story Day Africa is asking writers to blog about our early memories of reading and what it meant to us. Here is my contribution.

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June 16 2014

From Thoughts from Botswana by Lauri Kubuitsile Mon Jun 16 2014, 07:27:00

I hate reading my writing after it's been published. Nearly every time I find things I want to change. If I'm forced to read from something of mine that's been published, nearly always I'll have been at it with a red pen before I read, and what I read will be slightly different from what was published.

I have a writing friend who is a far better writer than me, and yet she's had nothing (at least fiction-wise) published. Her stories are never finished and she can't allow herself to submit them until they are. The problem is she's looking for perfection and she's never going to find it. We have to accept our stories will never be perfect, never be finished.

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