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October 31 2014

From Aid | The Guardian Fri Oct 31 2014, 14:55:46

Poor people in underdeveloped countries suffer from endless petty corruption. British aid programmes should be redesigned to make this less likely, even if this offends governments

Local communities in Nepal have for more than a decade benefited from a British-funded support programme which allowed them to implement their own projects for schools, bridges and other needs in a way combining democratic participation with spending procedures that limited opportunities for corruption. It was a success story for British foreign aid, which surely pointed toward an expansion of the scheme. Instead the programmes have been cut by more than half, because the Nepalese central government wanted to take over the work, which will now be both more distant from those it is supposed to serve and more open ...

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From Aid | The Guardian Fri Oct 31 2014, 14:29:01

Is long-term development work possible in fragile states like Syria, South Sudan and Iraq? Join us 6 Nov, 1-3pm GMT

Sponsored by Adam Smith International

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October 30 2014

From Aid | The Guardian Thu Oct 30 2014, 20:01:08

Independent Commission for Aid Impact says women bearing brunt of corruption as department gets second-worst rating

The UKs Department for International Development (DfID) is failing to address the petty but widespread corruption that blights the daily lives of the worlds poorest people and has a particularly corrosive impact on women and girls, Britains aid watchdog has warned.

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October 28 2014

From Aid | The Guardian Tue Oct 28 2014, 20:01:08

Ebola-hit region failed to secure substantial foreign aid in earlier epidemic, study says, and was unable to improve health systems

West Africa, now in the throes of a calamitous Ebola epidemic, missed out on significant health investment over the past decade or more because it had low rates of HIV, a detailed survey of the changing health of Africa and Asia reveals.

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From Aid | The Guardian Tue Oct 28 2014, 20:01:05

Disasters Emergency Committee takes urgent action after warning of humanitarian emergency unfolding in west Africa

The Disasters Emergency Committee is to launch an unprecedented appeal for help from the public to tackle the Ebola crisis in west Africa, warning that a medical emergency is turning into a humanitarian catastrophe.

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October 27 2014

From Aid | The Guardian Mon Oct 27 2014, 00:42:49

Samantha Power begins tour of worst-affected countries with criticism of international efforts

The US ambassador to the United Nations has criticised the level of international support for nations hit by Ebola as she begins a tour of west African nations at the epicentre of the deadly outbreak.

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October 22 2014

From Aid | The Guardian Wed Oct 22 2014, 10:02:20

Thirty years on, Michael Buerks broadcast remains a watershed moment in crisis reporting, but what is its lasting legacy?

The 30th anniversary of a key moment in modern TV journalism will be marked on 23 October: Michael Buerks broadcast of a biblical famine, filmed in a remote part of northern Ethiopia. The images shot by Kenyan cameraman Mohammed Amin, together with Buerks powerful words, produced one of the most famous television reports of the late 20th century.

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October 21 2014

From Aid | The Guardian Tue Oct 21 2014, 14:41:06

Minister visits Freetown clinic as part of UK £125m response to crisis, meeting nurse who returned after recovering from virus

The international development secretary, Justine Greening, has met British medics Will Pooley and Oliver Johnson at a Freetown clinic just hours after arriving in Sierra Leone as part of the UKs response to the Ebola crisis.

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October 20 2014

From Aid | The Guardian Mon Oct 20 2014, 13:22:17

Chinese government is among the top donors with £40m in aid, but its corporate sector, despite economic ties, has done little

Chinas corporations and billionaires have lagged behind in contributions to fighting the Ebola epidemic in west Africa, despite multiple economic ties to the region, the World Food Programme said on Monday.

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October 19 2014

From Aid | The Guardian Sun Oct 19 2014, 14:28:15

Kofi Annan is right to criticise the slow reaction by the west to the Ebola crisis (Follow Britains example on Ebola, David Cameron tells world leaders, 17 October 2014). However, I do not agree that if the crisis had hit some other region it probably would have been handled very differently. In fact, when you look at the evolution of the crisis, the international community really woke up when the disease got to America and Europe. Mr Annan knows very well that there would be no need for the west to help Africa fight Ebola today if most of the £550bn given to the continent as development aid since independence, had not been diverted to fund local leaders luxury lifestyles.

Yet the insinuation of racism is too often used to morally blackmail western governments into taking, or not ...

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