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April 24 2014

From iMFdirect - The IMF Blog Thu Apr 24 2014, 06:05:24

By Antoinette M. Sayeh Once again, the latest review of growth prospects for sub-Saharan Africa shows that the region's economy is in strong health. Growth in the region is set to pick up to 51/2 percent in 2014 compared to 4.9 percent last year (see Chart 1). My view is that this growth momentum will [...]

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April 16 2014

From iMFdirect - The IMF Blog Wed Apr 16 2014, 10:46:19

By: Sanjeev Gupta and Martine Guerguil The global financial crisis brought to the fore the question of sustainability of public finances. But it merely exacerbated a situation that was bound to attract attention sooner or later--governments all over the world have been spending more and more in recent decades. Here at the IMF, we've been looking [...]

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April 14 2014

From iMFdirect - The IMF Blog Mon Apr 14 2014, 16:41:34

By IMFdirect editors Socrates' famous method to develop his students' intellect was to question them relentlessly in an unending search for contradictions and the truth--or at the very least, a great quote. The method was alive and well among the moderators, panelists and audiences of the IMF's Spring Meetings seminars that took place alongside official [...]

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April 11 2014

From iMFdirect - The IMF Blog Fri Apr 11 2014, 14:30:56

By Reza Moghadam Economic growth across Europe is slowly picking up, which is good news. But the recovery is still modest and measures to boost economic growth and create jobs are important. Western Europe: picking up the pace The recovery projected last October for the euro area has solidified. This is reflected in our revised [...]

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From iMFdirect - The IMF Blog Fri Apr 11 2014, 10:37:57

By Masood Ahmed The International Monetary Fund released today a new paper entitled "Toward New Horizons--Arab Economic Transformation amid Political Transitions." The paper makes the case for the urgency of launching economic policy reforms, beyond short-term macroeconomic management, to support economic stability and stronger, job-creating economic growth in the Arab Countries in Transition--Egypt, Jordan, Libya, [...]

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April 9 2014

From iMFdirect - The IMF Blog Wed Apr 9 2014, 11:38:19

By Sanjeev Gupta and Martine Guerguil We've had a spate of good news on the economic front recently. Does this mean that we are finally out of the fiscal woods? According to our most recent Fiscal Monitor report, not yet, as public debt remains high and the recovery uneven. First, the good news. The average deficit [...]

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From iMFdirect - The IMF Blog Wed Apr 9 2014, 09:32:12

By José Viñals Global financial stability is improving--we have begun to turn the corner. But it is too early to declare victory as there is a need to move beyond liquidity dependence--the central theme of our report--to overcome the remaining challenges to global stability. Progress We have made substantial strides over the past few years, [...]

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April 8 2014

From iMFdirect - The IMF Blog Tue Apr 8 2014, 14:00:30

By Olivier Blanchard The dynamics that were emerging at the time of the October 2013 World Economic Outlook are becoming more visible. Put simply, the recovery is strengthening. In our recent World Economic Outlook, we forecast world growth to be 3.6 percent this year and 3.9 percent next year, up from 3.0 percent last year. [...]

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April 7 2014

From iMFdirect - The IMF Blog Mon Apr 7 2014, 10:07:56

By Giovanni Dell'Ariccia and Karl Habermeier The global financial crisis shook monetary policy in advanced economies out of the almost complacent routine into which it had settled since Paul Volcker's Fed beat inflation in the United States in the early 1980s. Simply keep inflation low and stable, target a short-term interest rate, and regulate and [...]

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April 3 2014

From iMFdirect - The IMF Blog Thu Apr 3 2014, 09:03:09

By Aseel Almansour, Aqib Aslam, John Bluedorn and Rupa Duttagupta The recent slowdown in emerging market growth is fueling a growing mania across markets and policy circles. Some worry that a large part of their stellar pace of growth over the 2000s (Figure 1) was due to a favorable external environment--cheap credit and high commodity [...]

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