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July 30 2014

From Columbia Journalism Review Wed Jul 30 2014, 15:50:00

By Chris Ip i100 looks very familiar. The new website from UK newspaper The Independent has "curiosity gap" headlines ("The most uplifting body image message you will see today"), clicky YouTube videos ("The spectator who popped a wheelie alongside Tour de France winners") and listicles ("The 9 best worst things you...

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From Columbia Journalism Review Wed Jul 30 2014, 07:50:00

By Fiona Lowenstein Contently, a self-described "storytelling platform," launched an investigative reporting publication Wednesday along with a center that the three-year-old outlet plans to use to train young journalists in longform. Called and the Contently Foundation, these new initiatives seek to offer freelance journalists alternatives to, as its founders put it, "exploitative media, like content farms." Contently's most recent mission statement...

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July 29 2014

From Columbia Journalism Review Tue Jul 29 2014, 16:20:00

By Fiona Lowenstein When the news blows up in Mexico City, Dulce Ramos is on the case. She is editor in chief of Animal Politico, a digital media startup that began as a Twitter account. In a country known for "disappearing" reporters who look too closely at drug cartels and government corruption, Ramos, 33, feels that it's her duty to cover stories...

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From Columbia Journalism Review Tue Jul 29 2014, 11:48:00

By Steven Brill This column, a regular feature, was originally published on There are so many gaps in the reporting about the effort to use economic sanctions against Russia to get President Vladimir Putin to pull back support for the Ukraine separatists that it makes sense to devote my whole column this week to listing them. Of course, it's a lot...

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From Columbia Journalism Review Tue Jul 29 2014, 07:50:00

By David Uberti Pranksters' mysterious swap of American flags for white banners on the Brooklyn Bridge last week seemed made for tabloid glory. With most details of the incident still unclear, the New York Post and Daily News had plenty of room to maneuver. And they didn't disappoint. "HIPSTERS SURRENDER," the Post's cover blared from newsstands the next morning. "This time it was...

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July 28 2014

From Columbia Journalism Review Mon Jul 28 2014, 11:00:00

By Lene Sillesen Speakers of English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, or Arabic can explore the Guardian's new multimedia project on World War I in their native language. Those who are not might hope that someone will volunteer to translate the piece--anyone with proficiency in a language that the project, launched Wednesday, does not currently feature, can send the team an...

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July 25 2014

From Columbia Journalism Review Fri Jul 25 2014, 18:17:17

By David Uberti At least four journalists and a writer have been ordered to hand over documents to attorneys representing the largest manufacturer of "pink slime," the latest development in Beef Products Inc.'s $1.2-billion defamation lawsuit against ABC News and others. Three journalists from Food Safety News were served subpoenas Wednesday compelling them to turn over correspondence with ABC and other...

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July 22 2014

From Columbia Journalism Review Tue Jul 22 2014, 16:35:00

By Steven Brill This column, a regular feature, originally ran on 1. Figuring out the Iron Dome: As I kept reading and seeing television reports last week about how the Iron Dome missile defense system was doing such a good job protecting Israel from Hamas' rockets, this intriguing story by the highly regarded veteran journalist James Fallows appeared on the...

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From Columbia Journalism Review Tue Jul 22 2014, 10:56:19

By Maria Danilova As the world reacted to the deranged explanations emanating from Russia's state-controlled media about what really happened to Malaysia Airlines flight 17, it's worth noting that these tales of flying corpses and nefarious Western plots are part of a much broader campaign of distortion and propaganda designed to bolster support for the insurgency in eastern Ukraine and rally Russians...

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July 21 2014

From Columbia Journalism Review Mon Jul 21 2014, 13:41:40

By Lene Sillesen Print stories can be lost, but digital stories last forever, captured for eternity in some nebulous internet ether or on a hard drive in a desk drawer. At least, that's the vague theory assumed by many producers and consumers of digital news. Once something is posted or backed up, it never really disappears--and if that's true, archiving digital work seems...

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