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October 28 2014

From Columbia Journalism Review Tue Oct 28 2014, 12:30:00

By Christopher Massie Last June, CNN business reporter Richard Quest interviewed the CEO of the state-owned Qatar Airways about the recently opened Hamad International Airport in Doha. "Opening new airports and terminals is a tricky business," Quest warned, before introducing Akbar al Bakar, who supervised the airport's construction. But, he continued, "When Hamad opened in the last month, things went...

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From Columbia Journalism Review Tue Oct 28 2014, 11:01:16

By Steven Brill Scoping out the Senate Majority: It seems likely that which party controls the US Senate for the next two years will not be decided on Election Day. I'm not only thinking about the possibility that two close races -- in Louisiana and Georgia -- could end up requiring runoffs. If candidates do not get more than 50 percent of...

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From Columbia Journalism Review Tue Oct 28 2014, 07:50:00

By Jessica Pishko The first time I met Juan Haines, the 56-year-old managing editor of the San Quentin News, he gleefully showed me a very blurry photo of a young African-American man, the kind from a security camera. "Do you recognize this man?" he asked. The other men in the newsroom chuckled. This was clearly some sort of joke. I looked...

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October 24 2014

From Columbia Journalism Review Fri Oct 24 2014, 16:42:00

By Chris Ip The story of Ferguson, MO, roils on. On Tuesday, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch published Michael Brown's leaked autopsy report, and The New York Times and Washington Post featured unnamed sources implying that a grand jury may accept police officer Darren Wilson's account of the confrontation which left Brown dead. Fresh protests of over 200 people followed outside the...

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October 23 2014

From Columbia Journalism Review Thu Oct 23 2014, 18:05:38

By David Uberti For more than seven years, James Risen has been locked in a legal battle with the US Justice Department, facing potential jail time in his effort to protect an anonymous source from his 2006 book, State of War. Over that seven-year span, press-government relations...

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From Columbia Journalism Review Thu Oct 23 2014, 12:00:00

By Chris Ip Gamergate is "a heated debate over journalistic integrity, the definition of video games and the identity of those who play them" according to CNN.  It is "a movement of sorts," says The New Yorker. Its focal point is reported as a critique of ethics in video games media or as a relentless campaign of harassment towards women. ...

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October 22 2014

From Columbia Journalism Review Wed Oct 22 2014, 16:17:53

By The Editors Ben Bradlee had, by all accounts, an eventful life at the helm of The Washington Post, and as a result he was a frequent subject for other publications. Stories by and about him from various decades illuminate not only what made Bradlee tick as a newsman, but also his enormous and enduring impact on journalism. Beyond the lengthy obituaries, these...

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From Columbia Journalism Review Wed Oct 22 2014, 15:50:00

By David Uberti The political information reaching voters becomes all the more important as midterm elections loom. At the same time, news organizations - niche and mainstream alike - have amped up their coverage both from inside the Beltway and on the campaign trail. The partisan divisions between Democratic and Republican politicians are readily apparent in this torrent of political news. How a...

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From Columbia Journalism Review Wed Oct 22 2014, 12:41:21

By Alison Langley In weekly dispatches, readers of The Syria Report have been tracking the implosion of the war-torn country by the numbers: The country will begin importing beef from The Netherlands; olive oil production is expected to drop by half this year; wheat supplied by Syrian farmers is at historical lows. It's one of the few steady voices on macroeconomic...

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From Columbia Journalism Review Wed Oct 22 2014, 07:50:00

By Damaris Colhoun A recent Newsweek cover story showed a photograph of a gorilla accompanied by an inaccurate headline that contaminated bushmeat could bring Ebola to the US. Four weeks later on Fox News, Keith Albow, a member of the network's Medical A-team, accused President Obama of failing to protect us because "His affiliations are with Africa...not us. He's their leader." And...

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