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October 20 2014

From Project Syndicate RSS-Feed Mon Oct 20 2014, 11:20:05

Despite the arrival of Ebola in the US, a serious outbreak is unlikely to occur, thanks to the strength of the US health agencies. But budget cuts introduced over the past decade could jeopardize the fight against any future epidemic.

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From Project Syndicate RSS-Feed Mon Oct 20 2014, 08:30:11

Brazil's presidential election will determine the future of the central bank - and therefore the country's macroeconomic trajectory. The 50-year old institution is ripe for reform, but neither candidate seems ready to give it the independence it needs, or to ensure that it is truly accountable to citizens.

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From Project Syndicate RSS-Feed Mon Oct 20 2014, 07:40:08

It may be time to stop worrying about the US current-account deficit - and not only because of adjustment at home and in China. It is possible that, properly measured, America's true deficits were smaller than has been reported, and even that, in some years, they were not there at all.

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October 18 2014

From Project Syndicate RSS-Feed Sat Oct 18 2014, 06:49:59

Over the past ten years, the EU has endured a series of unprecedented crises, the likes of which it is unlikely to see again. But other, no less daunting challenges lie ahead, and Europeans would do well to remember the lessons learned along the way.

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October 17 2014

From Project Syndicate RSS-Feed Fri Oct 17 2014, 10:00:13

The Ebola epidemic is threatening not only the lives of West Africans, but also the social and economic progress that their countries have made in the last decade. As health workers labor tirelessly to manage the epidemic, researchers have a limited window of opportunity to learn how to treat Ebola and prevent future outbreaks.

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From Project Syndicate RSS-Feed Fri Oct 17 2014, 09:40:01

Though Sub-Saharan Africa's economies have boomed in recent years, the headline figures mask longer-term problems - not least, an over-reliance on natural resources and chronic inequalities. Inclusive, sustainable growth is achievable, but only by tapping the continent's greatest reserve of energy and creativity: African women.

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From Project Syndicate RSS-Feed Fri Oct 17 2014, 06:50:01

Perhaps the most striking disconnect at the annual IMF/World Bank meetings was the disparity between participants' interest in discussions of inequality and the ongoing lack of a formal action plan for governments to address it. This represents a profound failure of policy imagination - one that must urgently be addressed.

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From Project Syndicate RSS-Feed Fri Oct 17 2014, 05:50:01

Sharks have long been portrayed as man-eaters, a menace to any swimmer brave (or foolish) enough to share the water with them. This perception could not be further from reality: Sharks are actually extremely vulnerable, and their dwindling populations urgently need global protection.

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October 16 2014

From Project Syndicate RSS-Feed Thu Oct 16 2014, 09:40:05

Most economists have a reason to be worried about China's economy - whether it be low consumption, industrial overcapacity, environmental degradation, or government interventions. What many fail to recognize is that these are merely the symptoms of a single underlying problem: China's skewed growth model.

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From Project Syndicate RSS-Feed Thu Oct 16 2014, 08:50:02

Coal-related corruption stories are breaking worldwide - not just in developing countries. If a country like Australia, with its robust civil society and strong democracy, is struggling with widespread graft among high-level government officials, no country is safe from the corrupting influence of the extractive industries.

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