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April 16 2014

From Official Google Africa Blog Wed Apr 16 2014, 06:16:00

The Internet is changing the way Africans engage with politics, as we recently saw during national elections in countries such as Kenya and Zimbabwe. In next month's elections, South Africans will celebrate 20 years of Democracy when they step out to vote, reflecting on how far their nation has come since the first free and fair elections in 1994, as well as considering the most pressing issues affecting their lives. That's why today we're launching the South African Elections Hub, a portal where you can follow the latest elections news, videos and information.

Voters are already turning to the Internet for information, searching for the latest news and views from parties, candidates, the media and friends. Earlier this year we saw an increase in search topics such as how to register to ...

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April 15 2014

From Official Google Africa Blog Tue Apr 15 2014, 04:15:00

Are you a student leader? Do you want to make impact on campus? If the answer is yes, Google is now receiving applications for the 2014 Google Student Ambassador Program in Sub Sahara Africa.

Google Student Ambassadors (GSAs) are leaders on campus whose mission is to use technology to make a difference, not only in their universities, but also in their communities across the region. They train other students on how to use Google tools, like Google Apps for Education, Google Maps, Adwords, YouTube and more. GSAs are helping to improve the way technology is used by university students, not only in their academics but also in their daily lives.

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April 1 2014

From Official Google Africa Blog Tue Apr 1 2014, 14:59:00

Only 16% of Africa's 1 billion people are online, but, every day, the web is improving lives and boosting socio-economic development around the world. When we launched the Africa Connected competition last year, our aim was to gather inspirational stories that show the impact of the web and Google products in the everyday lives of Africans.

We also wanted to inspire other Africans to come online to explore and benefit from what the web has to offer. Today we are thrilled to announce the top five most inspirational stories, selected by the voting public. They were chosen from over 2,200 submissions from 35 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa.

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March 26 2014

From Official Google Africa Blog Wed Mar 26 2014, 08:44:00

The Google Cultural Institute was established in 2010 with a simple mission - to 'help preserve and promote culture online'. The Institute is an effort to make important cultural material available and accessible to everyone and to digitally preserve it to educate and inspire future generations. We believe that the Cultural Institute can be an especially useful way to engage students, scholars and teachers through innovative and interactive learning.

UNESCO estimates that half of 6,000 plus languages and cultures today will disappear by the end of this century if nothing is done to preserve them.

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February 13 2014

From Official Google Africa Blog Thu Feb 13 2014, 04:02:00

What if you could turn one of your passions into something that could change the world? That's just what thousands of teens have done since the first Google Science Fair in 2011. These students have tackled some of today's greatest challenges, like an anti-flu medicine, more effective ways to beat cancer, an exoskeletal glove, a battery-free flashlight and banana bioplastics. Last year's Africa finalists and winners of the Science in Action prize Sakhiwe Shongwe and Bonkhe Mahlalela from Swaziland were recognized for their project, which explored an affordable way to provide hydroponics to poor subsistence farmers.

Now it's time to do it again: we're calling for students aged 13-18 to submit their brilliant ideas for the fourth annual Google Science Fair, in partnership with Virgin ...

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February 7 2014

From Official Google Africa Blog Fri Feb 7 2014, 09:12:00

"We need more kids falling in love with science and math." That's what Larry Page said at last year's I/O, and it's a feeling shared by all of us. We want to inspire young people around the world not just to use technology, but to create it. Unfortunately, many kids don't have access to either the education or encouragement they need to pursue computer science. So five years ago we created the Google RISE (Roots in Science and Engineering) Awards, which provide funding to organizations around the world that engage girls and underrepresented students in extracurricular computer science programs.

This year, the RISE Awards are providing $1.5 million to 42 organizations in 19 countries, including Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda. These organizations provide students with the resources they need to ...

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January 17 2014

From Official Google Africa Blog Fri Jan 17 2014, 07:57:00

You've probably heard that diabetes is a huge and growing problem--affecting one in every 19 people on the planet. But you may not be familiar with the daily struggle that many people with diabetes face as they try to keep their blood sugar levels under control. Uncontrolled blood sugar puts people at risk for a range of dangerous complications, some short-term and others longer term, including damage to the eyes, kidneys and heart. A friend of ours told us she worries about her mom, who once passed out from low blood sugar and drove her car off the road.

Many people I've talked to say managing their diabetes is like having a part-time job. Glucose levels change frequently with normal activity like exercising or eating or even sweating. Sudden spikes or precipitous drops are dangerous and ...

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December 11 2013

From Official Google Africa Blog Wed Dec 11 2013, 05:18:00

Whether you're trekking to a new place or simply trying to communicate with someone who doesn't share a language with you, Google Translate can help you connect to new information and people. Today, we're launching 9 new languages that span Africa, Asia, and Oceania and have over 200 million native speakers, collectively.

Spotlight on our new African languages

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November 20 2013

From Official Google Africa Blog Wed Nov 20 2013, 15:19:00

Africa is home to more than a billion people and is also the fastest growing continent. But only 16% of people are connected to the Internet. That leaves a huge population without access to new opportunities, such as a reliable channel to the latest news, a tool to join in worldwide commerce, or a platform to create and contribute photos, video, and more. This is true even in Africa's bustling cities, such as Kampala, Uganda.

For the nearly 3 million people living in and around Kampala, the Internet hasn't been as fast and available as it could be; online activity often sputters on pre-broadband speeds or unreliable connections. That's why today, we're announcing Project Link, an initiative to build a super-fast, high-capacity fiber network to enable any local mobile operator or Internet ...

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November 8 2013

From Official Google Africa Blog Fri Nov 8 2013, 02:00:00

(Cross-posted on blog)

TV White Spaces--the unused spectrum between TV channels--have the potential to bring wireless broadband access to underserved and rural areas. These low frequency signals can travel long distances and fill a need in places where telecommunications infrastructure is lacking.

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